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01 On the desktop

How to install H5P on a laptop or a PC workstation ?

  • Well, first of all you need a Apache server with PHP and MySQL. This can be obtained installing a free Xampp "server" on your PC.
  • Then you will need to install Drupal or Wordpress on that "server" and then install the H5P. 
  • Our choice here will be Xampp + Drupal + H5P and the more detailed step by step guide follows under.
  • With this PC-based installation you can develop your own courseware based on H5P. 

Step 1. 

Xampp has to be downloaded. This can be done from this web page:

The Xampp stack has then to be installed according to information and a more or less automated procedure.

Step 2:

The Drupal for Xampp module has then to be downloaded and installed. This is also a more or less automated procedure.

Download from this webpage:

I use to have the Xampp server running (Apache +Mysql) when I am installing the Drupal module, and I also believe it is neccessary.

Step 3:

Then it should be time to install the H5P module itself:

Rightclick and store the web address for the proper H5P module at the bottom of this page:

Step 4:

Here we do the installation of the H5P module:

Login as Admin at your Drupal installation and navigate to this page:

Klikk at the "Install new module" link.

Then paste inn the address for the H5P module that you did store under step 3. Click "install":

Step 5

The H5P module needs to be activated to work and to do its job. Mark the actual H5P modules and navigate to the bottom at the page and press the button "save".

Step 6.

You can now download the H5P content modules you like to test out from this webpage:

Step 7.

Now you can install the modules you want to test out as "Interactive Content".

This should be it all. You are now "up and running" with Drupal and H5P on your own "local server".

I'm not able to remember if there is any PHP configuration issues when installing on PC/Xampp this way. I can not remember it was a problem, but if it is I will include some info some time later.